Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike and Law of Attraction

I have been wanting to start blogging again over recent weeks and had no idea that my first blog would be about Hurricane Ike!

I have been consistently saying that my power is staying on during and after the storm. What you focus on your create, right?

Well so far so good.

Yet I was not expecting my back porch overhang to detach from my house. I ran for my neighbors for help. If I left it sitting there on the porch it was likely to become dangerous flying debris.

So then I asked the universe for a solution. The idea I came up with was to move it onto my driveway and then drive a car onto it. It is now securely in place.

I have been wanting to rebuild my back porch area and now I guess you can say I am attracting it now!
And I want to say THANK YOU to my neighbors...Jeff and Zev for helping me.
That is all for now. During this short blog post there have been 3 power surges. The last one turned all the lights off too and then they came back on. I have been holding a strong intention to have my power stay on. Plus, it is getting late and I am totally exhausted from Hurricane Ike preparations.
So goodnight everyone..Feel free to pass this blog along to your friends.


Magical Cat said...

Stay safe Wendy! I am praying for all of my Texan friends. Bless you!


Twenty said...

Hi Wendy,

I am glad you are posting, and still here to play in this amazing game called life.

Hugs from me and Carol!

Twenty Twenty

Creatrix Nan, Create yourself a joyful day! said...

found your site! So glad to hear you are doing well, we got nothing here in San Antonio, it is sunny! Was looking forward to rain, but so glad it is turning out good for most everyone.
What is your new email?

Cosmic Connie said...

Wendy: Did your power stay on through and after the storm?

Creatrix Nan: You wrote, "Was looking forward to rain, but so glad it is turning out good for most everyone."

Perhaps that was true of the people in San Antonio. In Galveston, Houston and surrounding areas...not so much.